My Travel Gear

Curious about the travel gear that I use to carry when traveling around the world? I’m going to share the complete list of stuff that I have used over the years while traveling to more than 62 countries. My packing list may not be for everyone but still, you can check it out.

As I’m a travel vlogger on YouTube, so I use SLR cameras, DSLR cameras, action cameras, Lenses, microphones, tripods, power banks, and stands which I’m finally sharing on this page. Also, check our list of travel accessories for long haul flights.

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Vlogging Camera List:

Sony A6500

This is by far the best camera for professional vlogging and video making. I used this for quite sometime before moving to Canon M50. The only reason I replaced it because I’m a beginner and this camera had a lot of advanced features that I could not manage. Check on Amazon

sony a6500

Canon EOS M50

I have been using this camera for quite a long time now, and this is one of the best cameras for vlogging—an SLR camera with an external microphone option for creating high-quality photos and raw videos. I would recommend this camera to every new vlogger because it’s straightforward to use and works smoothly for any type of vlogging. You can also check the review of Canon M5 vs. M6.

canon eos m50

Canon G7x Mark II

This camera is the best in terms of size. I have been using it since I started vlogging. The footage is crisp and clear, and it’s very easy to take out from your pocket and do a quick video shot. Night vision is amazing, and stabilization is unmatched. However, the only problem this camera is not having an external mic feature. Check on Amazon

GoPro Hero 8 Black

This is an action camera and a must camera for every travel blogger out there. There are other action cameras such as DJI OSMO Pocket, which you can check on Amazon here. That’s a tiny camera that could not impress me. I like GoPro because I’m a regular user of GoPro since hero five, and it has never disappointed me as far as action is concerned. Check GoPro 8 on I also have shared a list of best GoPro alternatives that are much cheaper than GoPro and work like a charm.

gopro 8 black

Professional Microphones for Vlogging

When it comes to quality video, Audio is a must part of that. I have used many microphones over the years with DSLR cameras and right now I’m using the Rode VideoMic Pro + which is so far the best microphone. It has the best quality among all microphones I used in the past. However, I also used Rode video mic Go and microphones from Boya which I have listed below. Click them one by one to see the price.

rode videomic pro plus
rode video mic go
boya mic

Camera Tripods and Sticks

When it comes to travel vlogging on YouTube, tripods are the most important elements to hold the camera. However, I use very simple and easy to carry tripods which I can use for any camera. I also have used some very nice camera sticks for GoPro and mobile which I am listing below.

Gorilla Tripod for My Big Cameras

This is a great tripod because it can be folded to any side and one can also bind it anywhere. It’s also easy to carry with the camera because of this strong structure and design. Check on Amazon.

Stand for my big cameras

When I’m not recording myself and I need to just hold the camera into the stand and talk to the camera, I use this stand which is very good for indoor and outdoor recording. Check on Amazon.

camera stand

Selfie Stick for GoPro Hero 8

This is a very basic selfie stick which I use for my GoPro action camera and this works the best. I have never faced any problem with this stick because it’s very easy to carry thanks to its small size. Check on Amazon.

GoPro selfie stick

Luggage Bag & Backpack

When it comes to adventure travel. You have to find some very good quality backpacks and bags. Most of the backpackers I have seen only have a backpack with them but I personally use both a luggage bag and a backpack. Check on Amazon

luggage carry bag
backpack for travel

So, guys, I have shared all of my exact travel gear with you which include all of my cameras, my microphones, camera tripods, sticks, and backpacks. I will add new equipment to this list when I use that.