Sri Lankan Airlines Office in Bangkok – Correct Updated Address

Sri Lankan Airlines office in Bangkok address is wrong which you mostly find on the internet. Recently, I was in Bangkok. I had my flight with Srilankan airlines. I wanted to change the date of my flight and for doing so, I needed to find the office of Srilankan Airlines in Bangkok. I searched for the address on the internet and everywhere I found the following address of Sri Lankan Airlines in Bangkok:

Ground Floor, Charn Issara Tower
Rama IV Road
Bangkok 10400

I took a taxi and reached the address mentioned above. However, I did not find the office there. I asked one of the information desks in that tower on the ground floor; they directed me to the new address, which is located in that area but a few meters away from the above address. I went there and found the exact location of Sri Lankan Airlines in Bangkok, which I am going to share with you below.

Sri Lankan Airlines Office in Bangkok (Updated Address)

Actually, you don’t need to go too far from the Issara tower, it’s just a few [around 200] meters ahead, but the complete address of the Sri Lankan Airlines is this one:

Srilankan Airlines, 24th Floor

Wallstreet Tower, Rama IV Road

Bangkok 10400

The above address is the correct one and you can put this in Google Maps to find it without any hassle. The time of this office is normally 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

sri lankan airlines office in bangkok
Sri Lankan Airlines Office in Bangkok, Thailand

They will give you a token and you have to sit and wait. When it’s your turn, you can come up to the counter and solve whatever issue you have. I had to change my ticket, they charged me a change fee, and my ticket was changed to another date without any hassle.

What Services Sri Lankan Airline Offers in Bangkok?

The Sri Lankan airline office in Bangkok is for customers who are traveling in the near future with Sri Lankan airlines. They solve customers’ issues related to changing travel dates, ticket refunds, rerouting flights, and confirmation for your flights. You can also book a Sri Lankan airline flight at this location.

Sri Lankan airline staff is very polite in Bangkok, and they will treat you with patience. Only three to four people are working in this office, and you will find no issue. They are very friendly people.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sri Lankan Airline

Question: Does Sri Lankan Airlines have an office in Pattaya?

Answer: No, they don’t have an office in Pattaya city.

Question: Does Sri Lankan Airlines have an office in Phuket?

Answer: No, they only have a booking office in Bangkok the capital of Thailand.

Question: Is Sri Lankan airline offers refunds to customers?

Answer: Yes and No. It depends entirely on the type of ticket you have purchased. Do check the terms and conditions of your ticket which you can find on the back of your ticket. You can also check the refund policy when you are booking a ticket online with Sri Lankan Airlines.

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