Belgrade Serbia Travel Guide: Things To Know About

Belgrade Serbia Travel Guide is my personal experience which I want to share with you in this post. I have visited Serbia to get a clue of what it offers and how expensive is it for backpackers like me. In my other blog posts, I also share my experience with Skopje, North Macedonia. Let’s get started.

I completely enjoyed my stay in Belgrade, Serbia

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Belgrade Travel Guide: How to Obtain Serbia visa?

The first thing is visas to Serbia, citizens of around 80 countries do not require visas to Serbia including all European countries, Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea. and those who have a valid US visa or UK visa or visa or Schengen visa also do not require a visa to visit Serbia.

All other countries are required to apply for a Serbian visa at an embassy or consulate in their respective countries. Serbian visa requirements are similar to the Schengen visa.

Serbia’s stamp on my passport on the right side.

I luckily have a valid US visa on my passport, so I did not need to obtain a Serbia visa in advance. Therefore, I just booked the ticket and reached Serbia. my passport was stamped at the airport and was allowed to remain in Serbia for 90 days. I came to Serbia from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

What are Flight Options for Serbia?

There are direct or connecting flights to/from Serbia to most of Europe and Asia. I was going to Serbia from Dubai, so I booked my flight with “FlyDubai” which is a low-cost Airline, and that has direct daily flights from Dubai to Belgrade. the return flight from Dubai to Serbia cost me $400.

belgrade serbia travel guide
Beautiful Belgrade city from the Fortress Park.

After You Arrive in Belgrade

Belgrade is the capital and largest city of Serbia. it has a big Airport, I arrived there and found the immigration counter at the down flower of the airport. the immigration procedure took 20 minutes to complete. after coming out of the airport, you’ll find currency exchange, shops, official taxis, and buses going to the city.

The official taxi is just outside the Airport terminal.

I booked a taxi from Airport to my hostel in downtown Belgrade. it cost $18 which is a fixed rate by the government. the Taxi driver was a nice man who gave me so much information about the city and Serbia.

He couldn’t speak English properly, but we tried to communicate. You can also take the official bus which will cost only $3. but since I arrived late, so I took the taxi. Otherwise, I would suggest waiting outside the terminal for the local bus which goes to the city center and costs less.

The bus from Airport to downtown Belgrade is also outside the Terminal.

You can also buy a SIM Card at the airport, but I recommend buying a Sim card and exchanging currency in the city which will be at a good rate. Exchange or withdraw money at the airport only when you need it in urgency.

Accommodation & Transport in Belgrade?

Belgrade is a beautiful city divided into two parts. The main part is old Belgrade city which has many historical and cultural places. The other part is the New Belgrade city which has big shopping malls and skyscrapers.

In Belgrade city, there is a very good public transport system. Buses and trains are operating throughout the city all day and night. Roaming around the city using public transport is not expensive. You can go from one place to another by spending 1 and a half Euro only.

Where is the Best Place to Stay in Belgrade?

I spent only $20 a day in Belgrade for everything. I stayed in a hostel near downtown Belgrade which cost me $10 per night. It was a nice place just in the heart of old Belgrade city and I could go anywhere by walk.

The hostel I stayed in was Hostel Inn Downtown” which I booked through and I always use this website for booking my hotel rooms. and I get wonderful deals most of the time.

A road with many cars in Belgrade, Serbia

Tourists Attractions in Belgrade

Belgrade city has beautiful scenic views at the Belgrade fortress, which is just a few minutes’ walks from Republic Square. from Belgrade Fortress, you’ll have a great panoramic view of the Belgrade New City as well as the SAVA river. and by the way, Republic Square is located downtown which is a beautiful location to explore most of the tourist spots in Belgrade.

The Republic Square in downtown Belgrade.
A European-style street in downtown Belgrade near Republic Square.

The SAVA River has amazing views of the water. There are boats and cruise tours which you can take, and it’ll give you a taste of a beach. Serbia has no sea, but the River works as a beach for them. on the side of the river, there are restaurants, cafes, and bars. all the nightlife also exists on the riverside.

A wonderful view of Belgrade city and Sava River.

There are historical places in OLD city including the Parliament of Serbia, Nikola Tesla Museum, and many other Museums including the wonderful European architecture. I recommend visiting Nikola Tesla Museum which was a Serbian-American scientist.

The Nicola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia

I visited the following places in Belgrade without spending any money because all the places I visited were just by walking. I loved walking in Belgrade city because I can explore the inner side of the city. You can also visit these places in Belgrade if you have time. I recommend 3 to 4 days for Belgrade.

Tourist Points in Belgrade: 

  1. Belgrade Fortress
  2. Nikola Tesla Museum
  3. Kalemegdan Park
  4. Temple of Saint Sava
  5. Republic Square
  6. Knez Mihailova Street
  7. Old Belgrade

I personally visited the above sites and all of them are located in nearby places. I hope you liked my Belgrade Serbia Travel Guide. Do not forget to watch my travel vlog on Belgrade below which will show you these all places in action. Happy Traveling!

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