Belgrade to Skopje Bus Guide: A Road Trip Adventure

Belgrade to Skopje bus guide is my travel journey from Serbia to North Macedonia by road. I was in Belgrade, Serbia, and was thinking to complete the Balkan by road. I went directly to the bus station in Belgrade which is located near the old city. You can see this in the picture below.

I will share my experience of this road trip with you and everything that I faced from the bus station in Belgrade until my arrival in North Macedonia. I would recommend doing this trip in the daytime so you can see the countryside.

Belgrade to Skopje Bus Guide

Belgrade to Skopje Bus Guide

The main bus station in Belgrade is located just at the start of OLD Belgrade city when you are coming from New Belgrade and crossing the bridge built over the Sava river. You can see that in the video below, and this is the exact address of the bus station which you can put in Google Map: Železnička 4, Beograd, Serbia

The next thing is, you can find buses to Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, and many other countries in Europe from the same bus station. This bus station has currency exchange shops, cafes, restaurants, and ticket counters.

belgrade bus station inside
Inside view of the bus station. image source:

How Much Will Bus Ticket Cost?

There is a problem with English at the station, you’ll not find anything written in English on the signboards. I had to ask about the ticket price from Belgrade to Skopje, and the guy said it’ll cost 2500 Serbian Dinar. Which is equal to $23 (as of April 2020).

I immediately bought the ticket, and the departure time was 14:30. In order to reconfirm my journey, I asked the operator, is this ticket from Belgrade to Skopje in Macedonia? he replied with a smile, there is only one Skopje in North Macedonia.

How Long Will The Road Trip Take?

Belgrade to Skopje bus journey is around 7 to 8 hours, and you’ll see most of Serbia during the trip. the bus stops at many places. it takes a stop in every town in Serbia after 1 hour. and will reach the border of Macedonia after 5 hours. at the border, Serbia immigration takes a few minutes to clear. the Macedonia immigration takes a little longer.

After you enter Macedonia, it’ll take another two hours to arrive in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia. The journey is very smooth and enjoyable. Roads are in very good condition and the land is flat green.

If you want to fly from Belgrade to Skopje then that’s also possible but flights are not available daily. Not to mention, flights will be expensive like $50 to $100. Flight from Serbia to North Macedonia is just one hour long.

I have made a video about this journey from start to end and I would suggest you watch this video in order to get a real idea of how the journey will look in reality. if you like my simple guide then please share it on social media. If you have any questions then do let me know in the comment section of this post. Happy Traveling.

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