Top 10 Best GoPro Alternatives 2022 (Cheaper than GoPro)

It was a common thing previously that whenever we heard or thought about purchasing an action camera, GoPro was always the first thing that clicked our minds. But Thanks to evolving technology and tech companies, those days are left behind. Best GoPro alternatives are available everywhere, and action cameras are essential travel gadgets to have with you, especially when you are doing adventures. There are many cheap GoPro alternatives that you will find in this buying guide.

Best GoPro Alternatives

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Here is the list of the best alternatives to GoPro 2022:

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What is the best alternative to GoPro?

Nowadays, the market is brimming with action cameras with the same features as GoPros but at a lower price. This has also resulted in a drastic increase in the quality of action cameras. The reason for this is crystal clear! The more the number of competitors, the better the quality of action cameras available in the market.

However, along with advancements, there are tons of products available, and it is a hectic task to find the perfect alternative to GoPros easily. People get confused because of so many different options available. So today, we will address your question of “what is the best alternative for a GoPro?

So gear up and read these reviews which will surely bring you some great insights.

1-Garmin Virb Ultra 30 (Best GoPro Alternative)

Photography and cinematography are more than having just skills. Along with expertise, you need to have a perfect piece of equipment that can aid you in capturing the most beautiful pictures and videos. Garmin Virb Ultra 30 is one of the best cameras available, which provides you with smooth control and operation and several other facilities. You will be amazed to know that this camera is even waterproof, which allows you to use it in extreme weather, including heavy rainfall and snow. You can live stream and use its LCD camera and microphone even when this Garmin Virb Ultra 30 is in its case!

  • This camera helps you capture Ultra HD 4K/30fps footage which you can see on its 1.75-inch touch screen display.
  • The microphone which is installed in this Garmin is highly sensitive and can capture crystal clear sound whether it is in or out of the case.
  • If you are worried about the rough terrain, you can use Garmin because of its 3-axis image stabilization feature.
  • You can use your voice to control your start and stop recording and capturing pictures.
  • It has built-in sensors and GPS to provide you accurate data for how high and fast you went
  • It has terrible battery life. Some people have reported having lasted 1.5 hours with this camera no matter what model they were using.

2-AKASO Brave 4 (Cheap Alternative to GoPro)

If you are in search of a GoPro alternative which is even Amazon’s choice and you even want a well-priced action camera under $100, the AKASO is the brand which you should go for. This brand has been ruling the budget of the tech market. It is 61 gram with 59.5 * 41.8 * 30.3 mm beast with a 170-degree lens. It comes with a waterproof case, a helmet mount, remote control, USB to Micro USB cable, and two 1050 Mah Li-On batteries.

If you want to talk about its design, we would inform you that its design is similar to the rest of the action cameras in the market with a rectangular shape, a well-working design for any action camera. This camera allows you to do anything literally. You can use this camera for diving, juggling, and even in a lot more scenarios.

  • It has a waterproof case that allows you to use this AKASO Brave 4 action camera underwater. Some even claim that this action camera provides a better quality image inside the water than above it.
  • You can connect this camera easily with a WIFI and control it and view and record through it from anywhere.
  • It supports SD cards which could be up to 64 GB.
  • It comes with an extra battery and even has a mini LCD screen at the top left corner of the front side
  • Although it has a pretty decent image quality it can’t be considered or compared with other high-quality images.
  • It doesn’t have a real 4K and also has a Low-quality audio recording ability

3-AKASO EK7000 (The Cheapest Option)

Well, if you are in a keen search for something which can be as close to as GoPros and which you can purchase for a fraction of the prices of GoPros, then this AKASO EK7000 is made for you. It has the ability to record in 4K, along with having a couple of extra batteries and remote control. Isn’t this a sweet and the perfect deal anybody could be looking for? The best action camera under $50.

In short, it is the best ultra-budget-suited action camera that has a 4.4-star rating out of 5 stars. Moreover, if you want to know how it is built, we will be glad to inform you that it comes with all the basic features, including the usual USB and HDMI ports. Although the camera of this action camera isn’t waterproof, it comes with a waterproof casing.

  • One of the most affordable cameras in the market right now. The most affordable and commendable.
  • It comes with a long battery life. It has two rechargeable batteries which each can last for up to 90 minutes and 3 hours altogether.
  • It can withstand extreme weather conditions because of its waterproof case. You can use this action camera to capture and record swimming, surfing, and even drifting.
  • It also comes with some free accessories.
  • It is not able to use its 4K capturing feature with optimal clarity.
  • It also has a low fps and even lacks exposure control.

4-Yi Lite Action Camera (Very good quality)

This action camera can stand up to many GoPros because it is the perfect sidekick for anyone looking for a piece of equipment that enables them to capture the best of life. In short, it has all the core features which you will ever need in your life of capturing priceless moments. Although you may miss the ability of GoPro Hero 6 Black to measure your speed and height as the Yi Lite action camera does not have a GPS facility. Still, it is the best and most sensible choice for that person who uses action cameras occasionally.

You can even opt for this camera to use its creative slow-mo and time-lapse features to improve your photography skills. In addition to that, it also has a mini LCD for you to view the recordings.

  • It has a stylish design with an LCD and intuitively easy to use the menu to allow you to select and choose the modes with comfortability.
  • It also ha s130 minutes long battery life which allows you to capture long videos.
  • It is water-resistant and is among the versatile cameras in the market with up to 9 capturing moods. It enhances your photo clicking skills to another level.
  • Although this Yi Lite action camera comes with a 4K 15/20 fps recording ability the image quality is jerky and shaky.
  • There is near to no 4K image stabilization in this action camera.
  • You are not provided with voice control for this action camera.

5- Sony FDRX3000/W (Stabilization is Amazing)

Sony is a brand that is known for its quality, isn’t that true? Well, this Sony FDRX 3000/W fully lies on this quality legacy of Sony. When you go to purchase this camera, one thing that you will notice is that Sony’s action camera has a peculiar shape. This best cheap GoPro alternative has sacrificed a little size and weight to provide its user with better video, proper zoom, and excellent image stabilization.

It is one of the best quality cameras in the market with a stellar performance, and without a doubt, we can even consider it one of the excellent GoPro alternatives. It also has a splash-proof body, but you have to use its case for a full waterproof experience. You can attach it to your helmet or even on handlebars and capture photos with impressive colors and details.

  • It has an impressive image quality with 4K/30 fps and even provides excellent audio because of front-mounted microphones.
  • It has built-in WIFI and can easily be connected with a smartphone app known as PlayMemories. It has some of the best image stabilization features among the action cameras.
  • It has a bullet shape due to which it may not fit in all places as small cubical shaped action cameras could do.
  • It is quite expensive and no extra accessories along with it.
  • Not the best for still images.

6-Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera

Even for once, you may get a thought, and you have a desire to know what is the cheapest GoPro alternative currently available, then Believe me or not, this drone is among the best you can have. This is a perfect bundle for your scintillating photographic experience, which comes with a mounting kit and a remote control unit.

This is why it is included in Amazon’s choice and has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars. This drone completely outclasses its rivals, and that’s why it is an adorable drone to fly.

What’s more, the remote control makes the recording of videos and clicks of shots ultra-convenient because you can do it with just a click of the button on the remote control. It also consists of a 16 megapixel Sony sensor and has a 170-degree wide-angle lens. We can describe this as much cheaper than ordinary GoPro drones, and it has better specifications also.

  • This Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera is versatile and compact which has a myriad of features including driving mood, loop recording, slow motion, drama shot, image rotation, etc.
  • You can use App XDV to share your photos and action because of the built-in WIFI which this piece of tech holds.
  • It even comes with free accessories and also has a waterproof case that you can use at various weather conditions.
  • It has been reported that this camera has some bugs in software and in-built WIFI in it sometimes crashes.
  • People have some bad feedback regarding product reliability.
  • It is difficult to control and access the menus.

7- TEC.BEAN 4K Action Camera

It is another alternative to your GoPros, which is not only cheap, but it even includes and comes with other essential accessories, including all sorts of mounts, cradles, and so on and on. If we talk about its design, it is based on the classing cubicle shape, made from plastic, but the manufacturing quality is quite excellent. It even has a micro SD card slot, HDMI, and micro USB ports.

To help you with navigation through the menu, you have buttons that make the user interface quite accessible and straightforward. It even allows you to view your captured photos and videos directly on-camera display.

  • It has a powerful battery along with it has extra batteries which you can always use as a backup.
  • The quality and video of this camera are way better than anybody can expect. Surely, it is a piece of action camera which everybody should have with them.
  • It also has electronic image stabilization which reduces tremors and stabilizes your every image with the help of a gyroscope.
  • It also has a 4K Ultra camera with 4X zoom which allows you to capture every wonderful minute detail outdoors.
  • It also supports wireless wrist remote control which gives you easy access over your camera to make your capturing and recording at unreachable places conveniently.
  • The camera isn’t itself waterproof so you have to use the case to capture images underwater
  • It does not have a touch screen display.

8-Victure AC600 4 K Action Cameras

Victure AC600 4 K Action Cameras

Victure Action camera is another inexpensive and portable camera currently in the market that guarantees you to deliver a quality image and footage. This is suitable for you if you are a beginner traveler, YouTuber, or a person who loves to record his adventures. Why is this action camera the best choice? The answer to this is quite simple; it is a cheap alternative to your GoPros and is packed with all the essential features and a simple menu to navigate around easily.

The design itself speaks for Victor’s Action Camera. The design of this piece of equipment depicts the professionalism and style that this brand beholds. It is made up of durable ABS plastic that is smooth, and the edges of the camera are rugged, which provides a firm handling grip. In addition to this, the wide camera lens which this action camera will assist in capturing images with a small frame.

  • It comes with built-in WIFI to allow you to connect and share your pictures and captures easily with no problem.
  • You can use this camera and dive up to 30 meters deep in the water and can click some photos because of its waterproof casing.
  • This action camera comes with a wide range of functions including burst photos, looping videos, and rotations.
  • You will have to purchase an SD card for this camera.
  • The picture quality it has is quite good but there is room for improvement

9-Campark Action Cam ACT67

This Campark is an action camera that can be considered one of GoPro action cameras’ best clones. Yes, we agree that it may lack some features compared to GoPro Hero 6 Black, but this is one of the unique cameras that anyone could have and could use. It is affordable, waterproof, and offers the best 4 K video quality for its price.

The ACT67 package includes almost everything which you might need in your photographic venture. In short, we can describe it as a great camera set to select for beginners or even for the pros, who are in search of adding something like a casual camera for their arsenal. This camera, who knows, can even be the reason for your new career choice!

  • This action camera will capture every detail because of its Ultra HD 4 K 30fps resolution and a wide-angle of 170 degrees.
  • This Campark ACT67 comes with two batteries with each battery having a duration of 90 minutes. So you can use this camera for quite a long time.
  • It also supports a 32 GB SD card which allows you to store all your memories.
  • The sound quality is not up to the mark. It could have been improved.
  • Some users have reported that it takes quite a long for this action camera to connect with WIFI.
  • The camera itself is quite light and some users have even claimed that the plastic quality of this camera is not similar to other cameras.

10-Insta 360 ONE R (Best GoPro Alternative)

Insta 360 ONE R

This is another fantastic camera that offers comparatively good value for your money compared to its rivals, such as GoPro Max and GoPro Hero 8 Black. The unique feature which sets this action camera apart from other action cameras is its interchangeable lenses and AI-driven editing tools.

You can use this camera for a range of shooting scenarios, and believe me or not, this will not only generate unique footage, but you would also love the experience of using this action camera. It is nearly impossible to get such excellent features from another action camera in this genre and price range. And it is a combo! It can be used as a 360 camera as well as an action camera!

  • It is vlogging friendly because it comes with a reversible camera. Now you can use this camera to improve your vlogging skills as well.
  • The modular design of this camera has been largely successful in the market so you should have used this camera once in a lifetime.
  • Along with 4 K wide-angle MOD, this camera is also equipped with a 1-inch wide-angle MOD and sensor camera.
  • It comes with Flexy Software and interfaces so it might hinder your performance.
  • You can do shooting with fast movement and motion blurs in low light.
  • It has a small screen to view on. If you are used to large screens then this isn’t the camera you should purchase.

As of now, you have just read about the best cheap GoPro alternatives that you can purchase without going broke. However, it might be quite complicated for you to choose among them as well, so we thought of tackling this problem as well. The following is a buying guide that will cover 5 reasons that you should purchase GoPros alternatives. Along with this, we will also jot down their most amazing and exciting features.

A Buying Guide to Help You Out!

This is a comprehensive guide that will aid you in choosing the perfect fantastic piece of action camera kit. The first question which you will encounter is, “What are the best GoPro alternatives?”

One thing that you should bear in mind is that not always expensive models are the best choice for everyone. First, you have to note down your priorities. For example, if you are looking for an action camera with a lot of storage, then you will opt for that specific action camera that provides you with that facility.

Pro tip: You can store your footage on laptops and PCs and make space in your camera.

So we will discuss some basic features which you might want in an action camera.

Why Should You Choose an Alternative for GoPros to Act as Your Action Camera?

Yes, everyone talks about the magical GoPro, but haven’t you wondered why this piece of equipment and tech is mainly popular among people and expensive. You don’t need to worry about finding those things out by yourself. We are here to help you out. Secondly, these GoPro alternatives, which we talked about earlier, are cheaper than most GoPros.

The following are some features that may lure you to buy GoPros and their alternatives.

A Tiny and Portable Piece of Tech:

These best GoPro alternatives are small enough to fit in your pockets. How are they useful? Well, you can easily carry them anywhere while you are traveling and can record your memories, which you can later cherish with your family and friends. Moreover, they are so portable that you will never have a space issue in your luggage because of action cameras.

Point and Shoot:

This shooting isn’t related to gunshots! The point and shooting facilities in these Go pro alternatives are unbelievable. They can even click pictures automatically and even on voice commands and remote controls. They even have night mode which helps you take pictures in low light and even at night time.

Wide Angle:

Have you ever wished to have a camera with wide angles and a fisheye look? Well, this distinctive feature is provided by these GoPros alternatives, which we have mentioned above. This wide-angle shot can act as a double-edged sword. You can ask why? The answer is that you can cover big and large subjects with this feature, and according to our experience, this feature suits action cameras a lot.

They are Tough!

These cameras are built primarily to withstand harsh weather conditions and scenarios, so you don’t have to worry if there is heavy rainfall or snow or anything like that. Furthermore, you don’t even need to worry when these cameras fall from your drones. They are made from tough plastics and can withstand huge shocks and falls.

Battery life:

These cameras also have one of the best battery life, and you can use them whenever you want. They even provide you with extra batteries, which act as a backup if you need to use your action camera immediately for some reason. So, these cameras are your route to success in filming and capturing memories.

What is the next best alternative for a Gopro?

All of these drones that we discussed are alternatives for GoPro without any piece of doubt.

What are the Reasons You Should Go for GoPro Alternatives for Your Drones?

This is the most frequent question that is asked by everyone! Why should anyone purchase an alternative to GoPros? We will even address this query in the following points.

They Are Cheap!

GoPros are the most well-known action cameras in the market, but one thing which hinders anyone from trying to purchase GoPros is that they are extensively high priced. Most people cannot afford to purchase such an expensive piece of equipment. So that’s why these people are in continuous search for alternatives to GoPros, which they can afford easily. In short, these alternatives are your way to experience GoPros at a lower price.

High-Quality Results:

Now you might be wondering, these alternatives to GoPro may lack in quality as they are cheap. But my answer to this is a huge NO! Yes, I agree to some extent that these cheaper versions cannot give you the same quality as GoPros, but these alternatives can provide you decent footage and pictures.

What If they are damaged?

If you had a GoPro and it got lost due to some reason, it will be a great loss to you, emotionally and financially. That is another reason we recommend you buy cheaper alternatives for GoPros, which will not affect your pockets that much is lost due to drones.

A Myriad of Modes:

These alternatives also have many different modes that you can use to capture the picture you desire for. They can capture long videos, looping videos, slow-motion videos, wide-angle shots, and many more. So you can do all that a GoPro can do but at a lower price. So why go for GoPro when you have its alternative available at more affordable prices!

Have a Great Repute in the Market!

Although you might have heard GoPro a lot in the market and they are also associated with drones a lot more, believe me, these new alternatives have left an impression in the market and will be ruling soon.


We hope this buying guide and reviews have helped you in your decision to purchase the best for you. In the end, we will like to advise you to spend your money wisely and make the right choice after doing thorough research about what you require. Lastly, regardless of what you plan to shoot and record, at least one of the above-mentioned cameras will fit your budget and even fulfill your technical needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the best cheap action camera in the market?

A. According to the current market situation, we have found out that Yi Lite Action Camera is among the cheapest action cameras available, which anybody could purchase to have experience in photography and cinematography, and in capturing aesthetic videos.

Q. What is the best outdoor action camera?

A. After intense analysis, we have concluded that AKASO Brave 4 is the best choice as an action camera for your outdoor activity. Why? The reason for this is that this action camera will enable you to capture all the action smoothly because of its anti-shaking feature. The built-in image stabilizer, which this camera has helps eliminate hazy and jerky effects created by vibrations and makes your video clear and smooth.

Q. Which camera performs best underwater?

A. Again there are a lot of cameras to choose from but we again recommend you AKASO Brave 4 because this camera possesses the ability to go up to 100 feet underwater and film as good as above the surface. All credit goes to the driving mode of this camera!

Q. Do these action cameras come with accessories or we have to buy them separately?

A.  Most of the cameras mentioned above usually come with all the basic accessories such as covers, mounts, cradles, etc. So when purchasing an action camera, you should focus on its quality rather than accessories because most brands always provide the essentials.

Q. What to look for when purchasing an action camera?

A. Whenever you wish to buy an action camera, always look for what you will be using that action camera for and then choose accordingly. You can even check for waterproofness, frames per second, size, and image quality as well.

Q. Why should I buy an action camera?

Action cameras are straightforward to use, and they can start shooting right away. You don’t need to set up the lenses and focus your camera on the best frame. Action cameras are a one-step game, you need to click a button, and the camera will automatically start recording. Action cameras are also perfect for underwater activities and adventure travel, such as dirt biking.

Final Thoughts:

Whether you want to do regular videos or adventure travel vlogging, or underwater scuba diving, these action cameras will catch every moment of your life. I have been personally using action cameras for vlogging, and it’s the most helpful thing I found. The best thing is easy to carry and easy to use the capability of these cameras. Below is the list of the best GoPro alternatives you might like to grab right now.

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