Top 15 Best Travel Accessories for Long Flights in 2022

It’s 4:30 in the morning, and your alarm clock wakes you up from a lovely dream. You are convincing yourself to sleep again but see your zipped suitcase and with a sleepy groan say: “Oh! I have a flight to catch!” 

Surviving a long-haul flight is not an easy deal, let alone the comfort we get on the plane. Being on the plan for a good 12 hours (or more) can be draining, and that’s why I emphasize choosing the best travel accessories. Your carry-on is your best friend up in the air, above the clouds. So, make the most of it by packing all the long essentials and gear up for a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Best Travel Accessories

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Best Travel Accessories for Long Flights 

From clip lenses for phones and smart devices to cozy necessities, we have a list of some of the best travel gadgets which are considered must-have items while you travel on your never-ending flights.

1. Noise Cancellation: Sony Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

Sony Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

Children are crying, and the person right next to you is snoring. 

You can opt for noise-canceling headphones. Immerse yourself in your favorite media, or close your eyes during the flight which makes it a smooth journey.

The headphones come with cushioned ear cups and are lightweight, so you can wear them for a good time. In a crowded aircraft, these headphones do their best job. Murmurs, engine, and passengers’ noise, babies crying-all these noises can make your travel uncomfortable. But thanks to the headphones, you can cancel out all the unwanted noises. And the best thing, is some of these come with good battery power enabling you to enjoy your peaceful time for a good 30 hours or more.  

Such headphones deliver a terrific mix of performance, convenience, and price. With their ergonomic design, the headphones deliver high-quality sound. 

2. Collapsible Water Bottle

Collapsible Water Bottle

The collapsible water bottle is one of the best accessories for long flights. It would be best if you focused on keeping yourself hydrated, and this collapsible water bottle helps you do so. 

This bottle is better than plastic bottles or those tiny cups provided during flights. With no stinky odors, it is safe for both cold and hot liquids. It has 2 mouths ergonomically designed to make the water filling and drinking easy.  Check the best travel water bottles here.

3. Airplane Foot Hammock

Airplane Foot Hammock

Long flights can be pretty uncomfortable and can cause inconvenience as you have to sit in the same posture for an extended time. Moreover, it can be trouble for your legs too. In cases where one is already suffering from swollen legs syndrome or has sensitive veins, it becomes significant to elevate their blood circulation legs.

To make your journey more comfortable, we have picked one of the best air travel gadgets known as the airplane footrest. Hang it on the seat in front of you and adjust it as you please. The footrest is foamy and made of a thick cushion, which will relax your feet in no time. Moreover, you don’t have to exert pressure on your legs to use this footrest. 

It helps improve blood circulation, calming your legs and calves. It does not take more space, and you can easily carry it in your bag. And the best part? You don’t have to uncomfortably wave your legs in the air as this footrest is specifically designed to provide a realistic experience for travelers of all sizes.

4. iPad Holder

iPage Holder

When you are on a long flight, it becomes difficult to kill your time. For time-killing hours, entertainment becomes necessary.

Those who fly regularly, they see that there is limited entertainment on flights. They often find that they have watched this movie before, and then they have nothing to do. Having your own entertainment during flights is valuable. For that matter, your iPad is the best choice, and when it comes to having an iPad, it also needs a holder. It would help if you had a quality holder, making it smooth and easy for you to watch. Check the best iPad Holders on

5. Manta Sleep Mask

Manta Sleep Mask

In a long flight, even the heavy sleepers are restless and face trouble in sleeping. Sometimes the environment around is not comfortable, or sometimes there are people who are a source of distraction. And not to forget the constantly changing light.

Yes! For those travel freaks who want to enjoy a peaceful sleep on the flight, this sleep mask is essential and one of the best travel accessories for long flights. A good set of eye covers is all you need if you want a good sleep during the flight. These masks are lightweight and give a good cover to your eyes.

Imagine a mask smooth and silky falling over your eyes, keeping all the distractions away. It will let you sleep comfortably, and you will wake up fresh. The eye mask does its job effectively and allows you to sleep comfortably without pills. You can adjust the elastic strap, so it comfortably fits on your eyes.

6. Travel Neck Pillow for Airplane Sleeping

Travel Neck Pillow

During a long flight, you have to place your neck on the not-so-comfortable seat. The trouble multiplies when you want a good sleep, but you can not confine your head in a suitable position. And in case you sleep, you cannot fix your head in a single place. Here is when the neck pillow comes to the rescue.  

When your neck suffers a lot in an economy seat, the neck pillow helps you get a decent sleep, especially during a long flight. It prevents your head from slipping. The material of its foam is certified and is chemical-free. Moreover, you can wash it anytime.

Fold the pillow and place it in your handbag; easy. Its super comfortable foam will make your neck feel cozy and prevent neck strains or any painful occurrence. Get the neck pillow along with you, wrap it around your neck, and voila! 

7. Mini 5000mAh Portable Charger

Mini 5000mAh Portable Charger

You are about to end the mission of your favorite game, and your phone turns off. To your dismay, you come to know that the battery died.

Smartphones and other devices are of significant importance while you are traveling. Running out of power is the nightmare every traveler has, and they need to make sure that the devices don’t run out of battery. Your device might be fully charged, but the problem arises when you use it for a long time. This can result in the consumption of the battery.

Nobody wants to lose their device due to a low battery, and a portable power charger is what you need to keep your phone up and running. The power device helps you charge devices and is handy. It will let you update your Facebook during the flight or send an important e-mail to your client. Such chargers have enough power to charge your devices fully. 

Never run out of battery, and keep this game-changer charging device with you during your flight.

8. Basic Care Ibuprofen Tablets

Basic Care Ibuprofen Tablets 200 mg

Keeping a pack of pain killer becomes necessary when your flight is for a long duration. During your travel, you might develop a headache due to changing altitudes or pain in the neck due to strain. Moreover, pain killers are a lifesaver, especially when you are traveling in an economic class. It is usual to feel joint pain or leg pain after spending a lot of time merely sitting in the seat doing nothing.

You can soothe your pain by taking a painkiller during travel.

9. Colgate Max Fresh Wisp Disposable Mini Toothbrush

Colgate Max Fresh Wisp Disposable Mini Toothbrush

Wait; what? Yes! This is true. Brushing your teeth while you are on a flight gives you a feeling of freshness, and you feel amazing. While the regular toothbrush might be in your luggage, you can opt for a disposable one, which is easy to carry in your bag.

Some brands have launched mini toothbrushes for your ease. Just take the toothbrush out and start brushing. And you don’t need separate toothpaste for this, as these brushes have a pre-pasted toothpaste bead in the middle. The bead will dissolve when you start brushing. And no need to rinse your mouth afterward as the bead dissolves. Once used, dispose of the brush.

Go clean with the super affordable mini toothbrushes and enjoy fresh breath.

10. spAIRTray Travel Shelf

spAIRTray Travel Shelf

Want to stay organized during the long-haul flight? A game-changer gadget for those who want to improve their traveling experience, the window shelf is all you need. This shelf allows you to increase the space of your window seat by 33%.

You can effortlessly fit this shelf into your handbag and can easily install it in a go. Just insert it into the shaded track of the airplane’s window and enjoy the space. Place your phone on the shelf, or a book or a glass? Your choice.

11. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe

One of the best travel accessories for long flights preferred by the ladies mostly is the facial mist. Flights are at high altitudes, which can make you wear out, and you might end up looking all tired. Your skin tends to look super dry as it is not getting enough moisture. Moreover, the long flight is itself a tiring experience. 

Facial mists, as the name indicates, are used to hydrate your face, and you can carry it along in your handbag. These mists make your skin look soft, clean, and hydrated again. Regain your freshness and make yourself look like you hardly traveled. 

Moreover, this mist is made of fragrant herbs and rosewater. And the best part; it won’t destroy makeup.

12. Compression Socks for Your Comfort

best travel sock

During the flight, you need to take the utmost care of your legs. These unique copper-infused socks do wonders and are a must-have for frequent travelers. While gently pressing your lower leg, it helps in improving blood circulation. 

Next time you think of jetting off, try replacing one or two of your colored socks with these compression socks. We assure you that you won’t regret it. Take care of your legs, and do them a favor by keeping a pair of compression socks with you. Check the travel socks on Amazon.

13. Travel Wallet with RFID Blocking

Travel Wallet with RFID Blocking

Keep all your essentials, such as credit cards, passports, and others in one place with the help of a multi-purpose valet. This is the best air travel accessory, and with this, you don’t have to worry about rummaging for your boarding pass or other necessities. 

These wallets are handy, spacious, and come with various small compartments. No need to check all of your pockets for finding cards or passes, you can check the wallet instead, and you are good to go. Moreover, these wallets are not only useful but a style statement as well. Hence you can carry it around anywhere, let alone air travel.

Don’t have a multi-purpose travel wallet? Grab here on

14. Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Gel

Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Gel

Nobody wants to carry germs along with them to their destination or eat food with dirty hands. Airplanes are a dirty place, and you have to spend a lot of time in them. Hand sanitizers are one of the best travel accessories for long flights which will help you make germ free.

These sanitizers usually come in small bottles providing you ease to use them during flights. This sanitizer is free from harsh synthetic chemicals, which makes it safe for children as well. Moreover, it is infused with jojoba oil, aloe vera, and Vitamin E, which leaves you smooth.

15. Face Mask Due to COVID_19

Traveling post COVID_19 will not be easy for most travel geeks. Face masks will be necessary at most airports and inside the airplane. This practice will continue for at least a few months after the coronavirus pandemic is over. There are many types of masks available in the market, but you should choose one for yourself, which is easy for you to wear during your long haul flight. I won’t recommend the N95 mask because that’s only for medical staff who are working in intensive care units. You could get the standard face mask for yourself.

I’m sure you will have the best long flight after reading this article. I wish you the best of luck with your next long flight. Happy traveling and thanks for reading.

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