Best Travel Watches For Men & Women – Top Picks Reviewed

Those who love to travel know how specific time is since they are at its mercy. From checking in a hotel and catching a flight to meeting up with someone and or going to far-flung tours, time keeps them on their toes. And we are sure nobody wants to let the time slip from their fingers. This is why we will show you the best travel watches that will save you hassle at times.

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Here is the Quick Answer for The Best Travel Watches in 2022:

Best Travel Watches

Travelers carry all the necessary gadgets while traveling, but they rely on their smartphones for the time. Have you ever considered that smartphones can die at any moment, and you might miss your journey because of not getting an accurate time estimate?

Here’s when a reliable and robust wristwatch helps you track time while you travel. Yes! That’s true. Though we know that smartphones have usurped wristwatches, there’s still something classy about them. You can’t pull out your phone in certain instances, for example, while swimming, but you can check time anywhere with the help of a watch.

And let us tell you something significant; this timeless tool serves as an excellent accessory for modern travelers to stick to their schedule. It’s more important the essential travel accessories for long flights.

But what is the best travel watch?

Want to gear up for a trip but don’t know how to select the best travel watch according to your requirements? Let us help you in doing this!

Let us help you in doing this!

First things first, reflect upon the features you want in a wristwatch. Still confused? We consider a watch the best which has certain features including;

Time zone-Can it adjusts itself with the time zone, or is it manual?

Stylish- Consider, is it good if you are going on a fine dinner or to formal events?

Durable- The most important thing; is it robust and sturdy?

GPS– Does the watch has a GPS tracker to help you make way if you are lost?

Visibility- Especially for night travelers. Can I see in low light or dark?

Water-resistant/Water-proof– For the marine adventurers or those who love to swim and snorkel.

Tachymeter- It can be a useful feature to consider as it lets you estimate short time frames.

Risk– Shock free and knock free

Alarm- Does the watch has a built-in alarm?

Versatility– Will it suit on formal occasions as well?

Battery timing– Do I need to charge it every 24 hours, or can I go without charging for months?

The strap– Will I feel comfortable while wearing it?

Having said that, to save you from the frustration of missing your journey because of improper time tracking, we have listed some of the best travel watches for you.

Best Travel Watches for Men

Gone are the days when the wristwatches used to tell time only. For travelers to be more proactive, manufacturers are coming up with unique and innovative designs. From up-ticking accurate time to pinpointing locations, these watches are helpful and range from being affordable to incredibly expensive. 

In a rush? Let’s have a look at the best travel watches for men. Find the best and the cheapest travel watches on this page for men who like to wear stylish watches.

1. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Promaster Diver

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Promaster Diver

With all its style and simplicity, this beautiful timepiece is a technical dive. This watch is specially designed for travelers who have packed their bags for an overseas adventure. And did we tell you that it works underseas too?

It has a mineral crystal dial and is an epitome of a style that is wearable. The time and date display are crisp because of the anti-reflective mineral crystal. This watch features a one-way rotating bezel and comes with an adjustable strap plus buckle to ensure it does not fall down your wrist.

With having a water resistance of 660ft (200m), you can wear this wristwatch while snorkeling or swimming. It is also suitable to wear this watch while in the shower. Want to do scuba diving? Well, we can’t get enough of this watch as you can wear it underwater without any worry.

Travelers have given this watch some extra points because it comes in scuba tank display packing. And the best thing, there is no need to insert batteries every time because of its Eco-Drive technology powered by light. It can convert artificial or natural light into energy, so it recharges and runs forever.

  • Light power
  • Guaranteed
  • Water-resistant
  • No batteries required
  • A little bulky
  • Analog display

2. Casio G-Shock Gravity Master

Casio G-Shock Gravity Master

A combination of robustness and style, this timepiece is excellent for serious travelers. But what makes this watch the best? This watch’s microchips and inner dials are encased in a body, hence protecting the inner workings from any sudden shocks, for example, centrifugal forces, knocking, and vibration. Want to plan a scuba diving while wearing this watch? G-Shock Gravity Master, besides being shockproof, is also water-resistant. So, you can dive into the water for a maximum of 200 meters. 

We bet that this travel watch is best for globetrotting explorers as its technology is one of a kind.

Using a combination of GPS and radio waves, this Gravity Master synchronizes with the time zone once you reach your desired destination. It allows you to travel without worrying about time. Plus, the hybrid system ensures that the time displayed is correct every time wherever you are. Isn’t this a cool feature?

Save yourself from the hassle of setting the time manually.

  • It has a calendar
  • Its body is protective
  • Water Resistant up to 200m
  • It automatically synchronizes with the time zone
  • Built-in thermometer
  • G-shock resistant
  • Some might find it bulky
  • Analog-digital display
  • Its diameter is of 52m

3. Bulova Precisionist 98B257

Bulova Precisionist 98B257

For travelers who want a sporty yet classy look, this watch serves their demand. Wanderers particularly like this watch because they can flaunt a sporty façade while wearing it.

Bulova has been making time watches for ages, and the watches they make are still the best. This flawless timepiece comes with a stainless-steel strap which is ion-plated and has a black matte finish, hence giving it a sophisticated look. Moreover, as perfect as the name, this perfectionist 98B257 can tell insanely accurate time because of its high-frequency quartz. A tachymeter coupled with a precision chronograph and vibrating at 262 kHz makes it stand out among high functional travel watches.

However, serious divers who want to dive into the water below 300 meters cannot wear this watch as it is not waterproof. Therefore, this watch is more towards recreational diving.

  • Stainless steel strap
  • Precise chronograph
  • Gives insanely accurate time
  • Ultimately sophisticated
  • Great for fine dining or beach
  • Low water resistance
  • Not recommended for scuba divers
  • Lack of pressure relief

4. BUREI Men’s Analog-Digital Sport Watch

BUREI Men's Analog-Digital Sport Watch

Is adjusting your watch to different time zones every time seems a hassle? Buy this BUREI Men’s Analog Watch. This watch offers a convenient style while having the ability to adjust time itself in different time zones and that too with precision. The digital display makes it easy to view time in a second.

Now you won’t need to put an alarm on your phone as the watch comes with an alarm clock to wake you up at the set time. Moreover, the inner workings are enclosed in stainless steel, and its soft band makes it easy to wear.

Travelers can wash hands without worry while wearing this watch as it is splash-proof.

  • Splash proof
  • Auto adjustment to different time zones
  • Digital display
  • Not water resistant
  • No GPS tracker

5. Hamilton Men’s 

Hamilton Men's watch

This watch is among the perfect watches built for travelers. The dial of this watch is aviation-inspired and easy to read dial hence enabling the users to watch time quickly when they are in a rush. Along with the luminous hands, you can see a day/date window.

The dials and inner workings are encased in stainless steel, making no way for rust with a screw-in case displaying date and day. Travelers who go out on a day full of marine activity can use this wristwatch as it is water-resistant up to 600 ft.

Its brown leather strap and pin buckle make it less intricate for those who love minimalist style.

  • Water-resistant
  • Minimalist
  • Stainless steel
  • Analog display
  • Imported from the U.S.A.

6. Suunto Core All Black – Military

This masterpiece from Suunto has a robust case and is coal black. It has various features, including an alarm clock, altimeter, and a compass; so, you can locate your desired destination anytime, anywhere. You can see the air pressure and prediction about changing weather because of its built-in barometer.

However, please note that it is water-resistant for only 30 m. Moreover, it displays record sessions, shows elevation, and displays ascent or descent. Did we tell you that it tracks the sun and temperature as well? This watch is the best travel watch for those who want to plan their activities, keeping in mind the weather. 

The best part? It also tells you the drop in air pressure and senses any upcoming storm due to its storm alarm intelligence.

  • Intelligent storm detector
  • Weather trend graph
  • In-built compass
  • Heavy on pocket
  • Water-resistant up to 100ft.

7. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Among all the best travel watches, Samsung Gear S3 is at the top of the list. Its top-notch features and simple yet elegant design will make you forget any other watch. But how?

This powerful gadget plus timepiece has a round and bezel design with a built-in GPS feature. Find nearby attractions or restaurants for mouth-watering food with this gadget instead of having a hard time locating them on maps.

Travelers who want to keep themselves fit and active will love this watch as it comes with an activity tracker and keeps their heart rate and fitness level checked. And the best part; you won’t have to take out your phone every time it buzzes with notifications because you can directly check notifications from your Samsung Gear S3 as it synchronizes via Bluetooth on Android devices.

What else might one need? It can be used as a payment method through Samsung pay.

But there are more features as well, including detecting high temperatures, shockproofing, and withstanding water above 5 feet.

The battery life of this watch is 2-3 days, which is not bad for a device like this, but travelers have to charge it constantly, which is cumbersome for those who move frequently.

  • Activity detector
  • Shockproof
  • Manually synchronizes with your phone
  • Detects high temperatures
  • The constant need to recharge the battery
  • Is not compatible with iPhone users

8. Citizen Eco-Drive World Time AT9010-52E

Citizen Eco-Drive World Time AT9010-52E

The citizen Eco-Drive offers something best for the travelers. Those who are always on the move particularly love this watch. Its stainless-steel construction gives it a chic view. If you like something contemporary, then you won’t want to miss this watch. Moreover, it offers radio-controlled synchronization of time means that the time can be synchronized in 26 zones. It is adjusted to synchronize to an atomic clock and gives a superior time accuracy. This feature makes it stand out among the best travel watches.

This timepiece also offers a scratch-resistant feature, and it’s orange accented dial makes time watching an easy job. The combination of rechargeable lithium-ion battery and solar power holds charging forever, hence making it easy for frequent travelers always on the run. It converts light into energy and recharges in any light.

It has a built-in alarm, an indicator that displays power reserve, and has an anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

  • Best for travelers who like to hop around different time zones
  • Radio-controlled time keeping both automatically and manually
  • Striking and functional
  • Not casual
  • Not suitable for serious scuba divers

9. Tissot Seastar 1000

Tissot Seastar 1000

As the name implies, Seastar is a travel watch explicitly designed by keeping marine adventurers in mind. Swiss watchmakers have come up with the idea of creating an entry-level watch for travelers; so they can quickly move between land and sea. Its classic and aesthetic design is loved by all types of travelers, let alone marine adventurers.

With a delicately crafted bezel, which is dive-style, it is available in different colors, keeping in mind their customers’ choice. The 42mm dial of this watch makes it exquisite and adds depth to it hence implying the serious water adventurers.

This timepiece will not let you feel out of place and features a silicone band hence pushing it towards the end of the spectrum. The hands of this watch are luminous and will not hurt your eyes, which makes this watch easy to read even at night or in situations where light is low.

Forget worrying about watching time during water sports. Moreover, it has a water resistance of up to 984 feet and a valve to depressurize the watch.

  • Best travel watch for the marine enthusiast
  • Fulfills all the land or in-water functions
  • Up to 300m water resistant
  • It cannot withstand shocks
  • Lack of GPS can make travelers lose their track

10. Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 40mm)

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 40mm)

I am presenting you with the game-changer watch, a leader of watches if we talk about form and function. This apple watch is a mix of splendor and more than a tech accessory.

We recommend you buy this top-notch travel watch, which will make people’s heads turn wherever you go. Its 30% enhanced display is the new incarnation in this series.

Want to monitor your heart activity after a day full of adventure? This watch comes with an ECG heart monitor so you can check your health any time, anywhere. Take the ECG on your wrist!

Also, it features a gyroscope for detecting falls. Along with this, GPS, a world clock, and a sleep tracker in this watch will make you choose this over other timepieces every time you look for the best travel watch.

Oh! And did we tell you that you can calculate currency exchanges and see real-time weather with this watch? Isn’t this something out of the world?

No need to fish around in your pocket or purse because this apple watch is everything.

Wait! We have another great feature of this watch. Now you can handle text messages and phone calls on your wrist. Use your favorite apps while on the go with Siri Shortcuts.

  • ECG heart monitor
  • 30% large dial
  • GPS
  • Tracks sleep
  • Expensive
  • Not water resistant

Hey! We Gotcha. You are looking for the best Apple Watch charger, and that’s why we have listed this for you.

11. Ugreen Portable Charger

Ugreen Portable Charger

This is a certified charger best suited for charging smartwatches. And the best thing about this charger is its compatibility with all the Apple smartwatches, including a series of four-time pieces.

It is a portable charger and is compact, which means that you can take it anywhere hence making it ideal for travelers. Its design is foldable, and the charging module is magnetic and is known for its reliability. Moreover, its design has a contemporary touch.

And the best thing about the charger is that it is pocket-sized, which makes it more worthy. This charger has short circuit and overvoltage protection, and when you order this, you will get a 4 ft USB cable so you can charge the device by plugging it in any socket or PC.

12. Casio Men’s Digital Watch

Casio Men’s Digital Watch

This watch is the upgraded version of the Casio calculator watch, which was there a long time ago. And it is one of the highly recommended watches. Why?

Because it has the world time feature through which it allows travelers to access and set, not 10 not 20, not 25, but 31 (yep, you read that right) time zones and displays 48 city codes. A perfect choice for thrifty travelers that will keep you stick to the time anywhere. It comes in a stainless-steel case, which adds a class and style to it. Also, the strap is adjustable and comes with a buckle.

Moreover, it features five daily alarms that can be configured easily, or you can set only one alarm. It allows you to disable the alarm anytime you want.  And at the top of that, you can adjust it in a way and turn on an hourly time signal that beeps after every hour.

It is water-resistant up to 100m which is suitable for everyday snorkeling or swimming but not good for serious scuba divers or marine adventurers.

  • Great on pocket
  • 31 time zones
  • 48 city codes
  • A little bulky
  • No light for night wanderers

Best Travel Watches for Women

Not only men but women also travel frequently due to specific reasons such as job requirements, or they are cabin crews, or they might have a seminar to attend or they are traveling for leisure or are wanderlust. Thus, to make their traveling more comfortable, we have come up with some of the best travel watches for women that they can carry while on the go.


Gramin Fenix watch for women

Manufactured according to the taste of women, keeping delicacy and style in mind, the GARMIN timepiece features a sapphire lens that is scratch resistant. This resistance is a convenience for those who move around a lot for one reason or another.

Moreover, it has a hand-brushed forged titanium hybrid link that makes it lightweight at the same time. Logically, it has a built-in GPS and a TracBack feature so you can reach the place from where you started your tour.

There’s a fitness tracker in the watch hence making it ideal for women who work out. Its VO2 max estimator provides data like the speed of running, heart rate, beats per minute, and a recovery advisor. Plus, if you connect it with a compatible smartphone, you can receive e-mails, messages, and alert displays anywhere.

  • A.B.C. (altitude, barometer, compass) readings
  • 8-day battery life
  • Monitors activity
  • TracBack GPS feature
  • Extensive monitoring
  • Great look
  • Up to just 100m water resistant
  • Requires USB charging
  • Leather strap

2. Timex Women’s Expedition Mini Watch

Timex Women’s Expedition Mini Watch

Are you looking for a travel companion? This slim and delicate timepiece can be a trustworthy travel companion. The Timex series is tried and tested to be water-resistant up to 165 feet. Moreover, it is ideally suited for trekkers because of its Indigo night-light. It is available in three different colors so you can choose according to your style.

  • Light-weight
  • Indigo light for night wanderers
  • Suitable for recreational swimming
  • Nylon strap
  • Not useful while diving or snorkeling

3. Timex Women’s Ironman Transit

Timex Women’s Ironman Transit

This watch is a perfect blend of style and functionality. Its strap is easily cleanable and durable. The large display makes it easy to check the time, especially when you are in a hurry or hiking on a mountain. The resin case is shock resistant, hence making your watch safe to use.

Also, this clock shows two time zones, so you will get a clear idea of the time at the place where you are and the time at home, which itself is a useful feature. You can also use its customized alarm, which is a helpful feature when you are traveling. And the best thing, this watch is water-resistant up to a depth of 100m.

What more could one want?

  • Displays two time zones
  • Water-resistant up to 100m
  • Customized alarm
  • Durable
  • Shock resistant
  • Digital display
  • Manual synchronization of time zone
  • Resin strap



Let’s start by understanding the feature that is hidden in the name. ‘HR,’ which is heart rate monitoring. You can monitor your heart on your wrist.

This watch tracks your activity, including how many steps you have taken, the calories you burnt, and the distance you covered. Whether you work out, do yoga, run, or meditate, you will get precise feedback on your heart rate during all the activities.

Want to set customized goals? With this watch, you can set the health goals for yourself, such as the amount of water intake or any particular exercise. Also, this will keep you more productive by reminding you of the goals set by you.

Not to forget the splendor this watch carries because of its rose-toned stainless-steel case, which is lightweight and sturdy—hence giving you a feeling like you are wearing a bracelet. Thanks to its design, the strap is interchangeable with any 18mm.

You are tired of manually setting time when in a different time zone? This piece comes with automatic time adjustment features which prevent you from the worry of setting time. And you won’t lose track as it has a built-in GPS so you can explore any part of the earth.

You can also enjoy your favorite music while cherishing the scenic views because it stores music in itself. You can listen to any music through wide-ranging apps, including iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, or Google Play.

This watch helps you make online payments in places where credit cards can be used. Moreover, once you connect it with your phone, you will be able to receive calls, alarm clock, text messages, and all other notifications from your smartphone. You can also set the alarm on this watch in case you have a crucial meeting to attend or any vital work to do.

Water splashes are not a big deal as your watch is swim-proof.

Its built-in microphone enables you to give voice commands or enable any specific function to different buttons. You can also personalize this time tool according to your mood and taste.

However, the battery life is only 12 hours, which makes the frequent travelers look for other options. But its charging time is super-fast, and you get it charged up to 80% in an hour.

Not a bad deal for travelers who want to travel to nearby places.

  • Elegant and stylish design
  • GPS
  • Quick charging
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Light and sturdy
  • Straps are interchangeable
  • Its battery timing is not too good

Best Case for Travel Watches

We pack everything correctly from our dresses to small accessories, but when it comes to watches, we don’t care much. However, it’s also imperative to find the best place for our expensive travel watch.

Therefore, to keep your watches safe and well-organized, here are our favorite and best watch travel cases.

1. Cheopz Travel Watch Case

Cheopad Travel Watch Case

Do you want to carry an extra watch while traveling? You can go for this watch pad travel case, which is easy to carry. Its shell is hard with a Ballistic nylon exterior that keeps your watch protected and safe while traveling. The inner material of this case is soft hence preventing it from scratches and knocks.

You can’t go wrong with this travel case because of its ergonomic design, which comes with a zipper hence locking your watch in place and preventing water from going in.

And the best thing; this case can fit in any watch from your minimalistic watches to luxury timepieces.

2. ROTHWELL Watch Roll Travel Case

ROTHWELL Watch Roll Travel Case

Protect your precious watches with this leather watch roll. Those who want to secure their collection of watches can get this as it’s designed in such a way

. It is compact, easy to store, and you can carry it along yourself anywhere. Made from high-quality leather, this roll is incredibly stylish and has plenty of space for your collection.

A lot to digest, eh? These are the best watches when it comes to traveling. From minimalist, analog, or digital clock to a watch with GPS trackers and shockproof tech, or a watch that looks stylish and classy, you can choose any from the list mentioned above.

The Conclusion

Time is money, so spend your money and invest in the best watch to save yourself from missing out on the journey. Also, read our guide about the “beach vacation packing list” for families. We tried our best to present you with the best and cheap travel watches, and we hope you like our effort. Happy travels!

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