Kyrgyzstan Evisa Problems: How to Get The Evisa Approval?

Kyrgyzstan Evisa problems arrive when you get a refusal without any specific reason. I was shocked to see how the evisa got rejected without any valid reason.

I am going to share with you the dramatic experience of applying for Kyrgyzstan evisa which got refused and I lost my $50 precious dollars.

krgyzystan evisa problems

What is an Evisa?

Evisas are electronic visas that have recently been started by many countries to overcome the load and pressure on embassies and consulates. it’s very good for both government and the traveler.

Ideally, evisas are accepted without any issue. I have been applying for visas to different countries in the past such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, and many other countries.

I even got Tajikistan evisa two times on my last trip to Central Asia. some countries do refuse evisas but they do not take visa fees in advance. in case the visa is approved then you have to pay.

That’s good practice. Any country can refuse the visa application of any individual if they found in different databases that the individual is involved in some crime or bad things.

Kyrgzstan Evisa Problems: Why They Refuse?

When payment for an evisa is paid in advance, evisa is generally 100% issued without any hassle. That’s the case with almost all countries that provide this service.

for example, Turkey evisa is 100% issued. Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bahrain, Myanmar, Cambodia, and so many other countries issue confirmed evisa when they take the payment in advance.

But wait, Kyrgyzstan has a total system. They take the payment first, and after 3 days, they’ll send you an email saying “your visa has been rejected under Kyrgyzstan legislation and you can reapply after 1 year”.

What? you took the payment and then you say evisa was rejected under Kyrgyzstan legislation. why did you create the evisa system in the first place? you must not take the payment first if you reject the application without any reason.

Enough theory, now let’s talk about it practically. if you are going to apply for Kyrgyzstan visa then you’ll need to visit this website:

This is pretty much an official government website except for one thing which I’ll explain later. you have to fill out the online form with your details, a picture, and a scanned copy of your passport.

they have mentioned different types of visas on the application. I selected a single entry tourist visa, for which the fee appeared to be $42 USD.


I paid the payment and then received this email from that website. the first email was for confirmation of the application and the second email was for acceptance of an application for consideration. 

I waited for 3 days to get the evisa. and I received something different.


I was shocked to see this email. I mean, how on earth can they deny evisa after taking payment from you. why I’m saying this?

I’m saying this because for evisa, most of the time you just provide a scanned copy of your passport which doesn’t determine anything about you.

For example, it doesn’t show them your travel history, financial resources, and other things. therefore, it absolutely doesn’t make sense to reject an evisa application after taking payment. and when there is nothing wrong with the applicant.

If they assess your application on merit and then refuse the visa that would totally make sense. but just by looking at the scanned page of your passport and rejecting a visa is not sensible.

What I did in the Aftermath?

I was not happy at all after seeing the rejection email. so I tried to solve this issue by contacting them via email. and I also researched online if anyone else has faced the same issue.

Surprisingly, I found on TripAdvisor that many other travelers had the same experience with different passports even from Germany and United States.


If you go to the above post on TripAdvisor and read the comments, then you’ll find that many people received the same rejection email as mine.

I then went to the evisa website again to find out the contact information. and was again surprised to see their email address which was “” you might not see any surprise in this email, but for me, it’s a surprise.

because official or government websites use private emails. this email is created with Gmail which is very rarely used by official/gov websites. this raises eyebrows on this whole evisa system of Kyrgyzstan.

Anyways, I send them an email with details that I’m on my central Asian tour and was keen to visit Kyrgyzstan as well that’s why I applied for evisa.

I also mentioned that I’ve been to 30+ countries and my sole purpose is just tourism. I requested them to reconsider their decision and regard me with an evisa.

if they don’t then simply refund me the payment. but they replied with a big no. and said there is no refund for refused visa applications.


oh yes, I didn’t read the no-refund policy if evisa is denied. that means, if they don’t like your Face OR your name then they’ll simply deny the application and will not give the refund. keep this in mind before applying. #Fraud

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