Travel to Montenegro: How Do I Explore Montenegro Under $60?

I traveled to Montenegro a small country in the Balkan region of Europe. Montenegro should be on top of your list because it offers a lot of attractions at a low price. I am going to share with you my personal travel experience in Montenegro which I did for under $60 USD. Amazing yeah.

Travel to Montenegro
Capital Podgorica of Montenegro

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Montenegro Travel Guide: How to Get Visa?

Many countries’ citizens don’t require a visa to Montenegro including the United States, Canada, Australia all of the European countries, and most of the advanced countries in Asia such as Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Malaysia.

However, for other countries, a visa is required including Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.┬áBut luckily, when a person holds a valid US visa or Schengen visa on his/her passport and he is from Pakistan then he/she also doesn’t require a visa to Montenegro in Advance.

That’s how I visited Montenegro with a valid US visa on my passport. and after visiting this country, it was really worth exploring. The immigration process was not that smooth but still ok to go.

podgorica street montenegro
A typical road in Podgorica.

What to Expect in Montenegro

Montenegro is like a hidden tourist gem in Europe. I would say the main reason is beautiful landscapes and historical sites. The capital of Montenegro is called Podgorica. Budva is a city which is popular among tourists and most people go there. Kotor is another great point for travelers.

I explored the capital Podgorica which is basically a sanctuary city for tourists, as I mentioned most people go to Budva. I had to catch a flight the next day, therefore I stayed only in Podgorica. But I still got a clue about the country and its culture.

city center Podgorica Montenegro
City Center Podgorica, Montenegro

Budget Traveling in Montenegro

I went from Tirana in Albania by road to Podgorica the capital of Montenegro. The bus ticket cost me around $20 USD. I had booked a hostel in Podgorica which cost me 10 EURO per night (Euro is the currency in Montenegro).

The hostel was just in heart of the city center Podgorica so I could go anywhere in the city by walk. I always use for booking hotels/hostels and it gives me the best deals everywhere. I found that Airbnb also works great in Montenegro.

In total, I spent $20 USD per day in Podgorica. I found many small restaurants on the main boulevard which is a famous road in the city center. That’s where the scene is on.

I found food for as low as $3 per meal. Taxi cost a little bit more, but usually, it shouldn’t cost more than 5 EURO for a ride, due to the small size of the city. The city is calm and beautiful as you can see in the pictures and I loved the weather so much.

main boulevard Podgorica Montenegro
The main street in the city center Podgorica

Tourists Points in Podgorica, Montenegro

Podgorica is a small city because Montenegro itself is a small country with only half a million population. But still, you will find a lot of places to visit in this charming city.

The city center is itself an attraction in Podgorica which has some nice street restaurants and pubs. I would list a few places here which I personally visited during my stay in Podgorica.

  1. Lake Skadar (A beautiful lake near Podgorica) 
  2. Millennium Bridge (very beautiful) 
  3. Independence Square (Nice place)

Just roam around the city, and you will find a lot of places of interest because the city is small and you can even cover it by walking. I myself explored the city by walk. but I loved it.

Lake Skadar Podgorica Montenegro
Lake Skadar near Podgorica in Montenegro

I made a few friends in Montenegro who were nice people and could speak a little bit of English. it’s important to mention that English is not widely spoken in many parts of Podgorica. but I think it should be fine in tourist cities such as Budva and Kotor.

For more information on Podgorica, please watch my travel vlog which I recorded during my short stay in Podgorica Montenegro. by the way, I fall in love with Montenegro because of the natural beauty and quiet calm atmosphere that I didn’t find in neighboring countries, maybe it was due to less population of Montenegro.

In conclusion, I covered Montenegro just by spending $60 USD including a bus ticket from Albania. I per day spent only $20 on Hostel and food. And you know what, Montenegro is in Europe. isn’t it interesting that I covered a European country just under $60? questions are welcomed.

Happy Traveling! 

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